NO11 COVID19 @ 7th October 2020

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Our phone get very busy, so please email. We respond to everyone.

Rules from 18:00 9th October to 25th October

On 7th October the Scottish Government announced new restrictions which apply to certain areas of Scotland including Edinburgh

  1. During the above period the restaurant is closed to Non-Residents
  2. The Hotel and Restaurant are open to hotel guests for rooms/breakfast/lunch/dinner. We can serve alcohol to hotel guests
  3. Our existing Wedding Bookings can go ahead.


If you have a restaurant booking (as a non-resident) for the above period, your reservation is cancelled. If you have booked using a voucher we will let you re-book at a later date so that you can use the voucher. Please email us in the first instance.

Hotel Bookings

The hotel is open and we would delighted if you come and stay with us. If you do not want to come to Edinburgh during the above period then you can cancel your booking or transfer your booking to a later date as follows:

  • If your booking is through a partner channel, please cancel though them.
  • If you have paid in advance we will refund, but you must cancel first through your partner channel.
  • If you have booked with a voucher you can move the booking to a later date. We cannot refund vouchers directly as we do not get paid for them until you stay.

We will review this information as the situation unfolds. If you are coming to visit us, please check this page before setting off.

Please keep safe and see you soon (hopefully).

Hamish & Susan